YouCam Makeup

Youcam Makeup is a photo editing application that allows you to test make-up trends by transforming your self-portrait, obtaining a look worthy of any catwalk. You can even try on different wigs and adapt it to your face type for a more complete makeover.

Technology has been present in all areas and even in the world of cosmetics with the now virtual makeup! Becoming a fundamental alternative to having to go to a store and try several colors of makeup to see how he thinks they look better.

From palettes of blushes, eyeshadows, lipstick colors, base shades, eyeliners, lashes and accessories allows you to experiment with the different trends to which you visualize the transformation in real time.

Download YouCam Makeup


*Kit of cosmetics on your phone: allows you to apply instant makeup effects on the image of your face detected by the camera, it also gives you the opportunity to import the images from your gallery and customize them as you wish and then share them on your social networks.

*Application: Youcam Makeup brings a perfect look to what would be your new image embellishing also the photos you want to edit and not only do it at the time of taking the image, updating yourself in fashion trends.

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