WhatsApp Messenger

One of the best instant messaging applications for mobile phones that allows you to communicate with your phone book contacts through an internet connection, whether mobile data or Wi-Fi. But the term of instant messaging is short for WhatsApp Messenger since you can communicate with voice notes, voice calls and video calls. In addition to being able to share multimedia files, addresses and contacts.

Even stepping on the terrain of the definition of social network and you can share stories, both photos and videos, so that your contacts who have WhatsApp Messenger can see your content, which lasts 24 hours online. Available on several mobile platforms, it is the most used messaging resource by users and has a very simple interface that allows a large percentage of profit of the application. In turn, it has many personalization items. From the user profile to chat interface and notifications.

Download WhatsApp Messenger


*Permanent session: you do not have to log in to the application, its constant execution makes the notifications arrive in real time. You only have to have an internet connection.

*Multifunctional messaging: not only text is what you can send, it shares images, videos, music files, documents, locations, contacts, photos in real time.

*Useful edition: you can edit the images to send or photos that you take with the WhatsApp camera with icons, text, pencil marks, cuts, among others. Like cutting the videos.

*Full customization: you can customize the chat room, sound and led light notifications, font size, customize individual or group chats, add a shortcut of a contact to the desktop, change the name, image and status of the account, among others.

*Privacy: you can choose who can see your photo, statuses and stories. As well as blocking unwanted numbers.

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