V LIVE is a very dynamic platform that allows you to live an incredible experience through the live broadcast of your favorite artists and groups. This application will provide you with a specialized moment for you to learn about everything your idols share and do not miss anything.

Now you can be included in the most important and entertaining moments of any artist since V LIVE offers this very useful and desired proposal by different fans from around the world, as it allows them to feel part of the group and a close friend of the famous of the moment.

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*Social network: V LIVE also works as a kind of social network in which you will be present in all the transmissions of your favorite artists and you will be able to see everything they do after each concert, tour or in their daily life after each presentation.

*Interactive: It is an interactive application because it brings you a little closer to the groups and singers that you want, by allowing you to observe a fraction of your day, you will not only see them on TV or in magazines with V LIVE it is possible to see them in I live from wherever you are.

*Modern: Since it is a new system of communication and contact between artist-fan, this application is not only used by fans, but is also increasingly used by soloists and groups of k-pop and j- pop to interact and be closer to their fans as well as to announce surprises, or information of their presentations.

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