The young people of today prefer an online game Battle Royale to a retro one without much fun as they are online, but there is a difficulty, where to see them or watch online games that's where twitch appears, which is a platform that offers service live streaming . 
 Twitch is a social network of high demand because aside from being owned by Amazon, is responsible for transmitting live the gameplays of famous users of various types of video games, Twitch also transmits eSports and events related to live games.

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* Transmission: Of course, in order to see the transition live, you must have a mobile data network or a stable WiFi so that the transition does not fall. 

 * Security: Knowing that Twitch is owned by Amazon, we must bear in mind that security is still good and safe, just like Amazon's. 

 * Variety of content: This social network not only transmits live videos of youtubers but also transmits live videos of any other type of content such as eSports, counter strike games, even fortnite games.

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