Toca Nature

With technology, it has been greatly facilitated to improve the education of our children, helping us to develop early parts of their little minds. One of the best tools you can have in your hands to contribute to this is the interactive games for the little ones in the house.

If you use correctly the time children spend behind the screen you can get many benefits. With Toca Nature children from 3 years old can learn many things about nature. Do not miss the opportunity to get this amazing application.

Download Toca Nature


*Interactive: This application has interactive games with the intention of teaching children about animals, cooking, everyday things like bathing, dressing, living with friends and many more. In this way they will learn it faster and easier.

*Creative: In this game children can develop their creativity while learning about nature since you can create your own natural space by taking advantage of the resources they give you such as placing rivers, mountains, planting trees and many other things.

*Objectives: Children have a list of objectives to complete daily such as planting a number of trees or creating several mountains. The children can see how the trees grow and observe how the natural landscapes take shape. They will also be able to feed the animals and see the habitat where they live.

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