Tasty Town

Every time there are more video games that manage to surprise us with more fun, entertaining and even interesting themes. In this opportunity we run into Tasty Town a great game in which you must take care of your own luxurious restaurant.

Become the best restaurant creator in the city designing and managing your own restaurant. In this place you must take care of your customers, keep the place clean and work on their remodeling, improving it structurally. No doubt a fairly complete game which you will not get bored of.

Download Tasty Town


*Tutorial: Before starting to play you will see a basic tutorial which will serve as a guide to know each of the steps you must perform to be able to work in your business. You will start from the simplest level and as you progress through the game you will improve and quickly scale up.

*Activities: You will not only have to attend the clients in Tasty Town, you will also have to be a cago of diverse activities like to take charge of the assistance in the kitchen, to work in the garden to be able to provide the food to the place among other activities more that will keep you busy.

*Movements: Every movement you make in the game is important since certain things are done manually such as passing the plate of food to each table which you must do by dragging the food with the touch screen of the device. Every detail matters and that's why you need to pay attention to achieve level up.

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