Let's accept that creating habits in our day to day is something important and it usually changes the whole routine of our life but we have to be honest with ourselves, right? Nobody likes to do this, so do not worry anymore that Streaks is the App you've been waiting for.

The application is simply a tool that helps you meet those goals that seem impossible to carry out however remember that it is a decision in which it goes hand in hand with complete commitment and commitment, it is also very simple and easy to understand.

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*Interface: its design is simple as intuitive in which it offers you several organizational options to start the new habit, with the help of calendars and alarm directly related to the data processor that will make this new "startup" much easier.

*Configuration: allows its configuration through the menu that is at a glance offering a complete customization according to the user, such as modifying the color of the same.

*Design: it has a minimalist design but with very contemporary colors that gives a light feeling to the view with less complex sources and task icons, graphically they are very dynamic, with the mission of giving you courage for the enterprise.

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