Stranger Things App

Stranger Things App is undoubtedly the favorite application for fans of that series; that incredible production in which the second season finally arrived has a lot of new content and this application proves it.

This application that has the same title as the series, is a great game in which its main idea is a simulator of the great popular arcade games of the 80s. There is no doubt that it is a game full of A lot of adventure that will fascinate you.

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*Gameplay: Stranger Things app is a game in 8 Bits that will basically tell you the same story as in the program only this time it will be in an interactive way in which you play with each of the characters to discover the special powers they have. go leveling.

*Characters: In this game are all your favorite characters from the series, the more levels you unlock more characters you can use. Each of them has a special ability; Hopper gives good blows, Nancy has a bat, Eleven uses her incredible powers. To advance in the game you must be smart and take advantage of the skills they possess.

*Game mode: The game has two modes, the easy and the classic. To adapt to the game you can have it in easy mode; the classic mode has more difficulty, more characters to unlock and many more levels which makes it more complicated and fun at the same time.

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