Spark Mail

Commonly always has their social and labor life, that is, his personal life where he is responsible for his family and friends or activities that do on their own account and the work life that refers to everything that has to do with the person's work.

For greater security and easy use they should or it is most recommended to have two emails or emails where you use it for work and other staff, Spark Email makes emergence here for people who are you app could say that it is unique and exclusively for use in the work office as a emails manager.

Download Spark Mail


* Organization: Spark will organize emails from a greater importance to a smaller one, you can also organize them in finance groups, news bulletin, purchases and more.

* Notifications: It has an intelligent use in the view of notifications because if it is an important mail, it will show you in the notification bar the most important part of the message and without showing the least relevant message. 

* Design: In addition to the intelligent use of notifications, it also includes a design that is easy to use for those who are not so advantaged with technology and need a tool like this at work.

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