Screen Recorder

Unfortunately Android devices do not have almost the same operating system and they may have options that Android does not have, one of them is the screen recording or screen capture, which is the one that recorded and saves everything that is happening in the screen of your device in a high resolution video.

 Screen Recorder is an excellent application if you are one of the people who constantly like to keep videos on your device, either to share it with your friends and colleagues or to upload it to social networks and become very famous.

Download Screen Recorder


* Video resolution: The APP has a standard video resolution, so that when you share a lot of device you are compatible, of course, you can change that resolution for one better and will be appreciated more what is happening on your screen.

 * Interface: It has an easy to use interface since with just touching the button to start recording the app will be doing your work to capture everything you do.

* Recording: It is important to know when I am, I'm not, that is why the application leaves a notice of herself in the notification bar so that I realized you when you are recording and when you are recording and when you are not.

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