Scratch 2

Every moment technology is present in our daily lives in any situation or thing that we do in addition to the programming has become a new language and identity in today's world, it is important that we understand it to be able to enjoy all the advantages that are available to us.

This application is an extremely useful tool to what animation and production is concerned, creating interactive stories, games and animations, for user satisfaction, there is the possibility of sharing it with other platforms as it is free software.

Have fun reusing pieces of codes to obtain new creations. Like a puzzle! So do not wait any longer and slide your fingers across the screen to download this marvel of technology and perform unique and unmatched animations.

Download Scratch 2


*Adaptable: it is compatible with any operative system, defining in this way any limitation at the time of performing them, however, it can also be accessed from the internet.

*Interesting interface: the actions that allow the interaction and action of the elements are classified by categories from simple movements to the most complex, which eliminates one of the main barriers that users have in this new programming experience since they always It has had a complicated and difficult to understand aspect to execute.

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