Runtastic Results

There are many applications currently whose purpose is to help us in the most important aspects of our life, such as personal relationships, work, our finances and even our health. Runtastic Results is one of those apps designed specifically to keep us in shape.

It is an extremely useful application for all those people who work so much that time is not enough to keep them in shape. Answering a few questions and introducing certain data you will get the best advice, recommendations and exercise routines adapted to your needs.

Download Runtastic Results


* Short-term goals: this application stipulates a period of 12 weeks to carry out the exercise routines that will be designed based on the needs of the users.

* No tools: one of the best things that this application offers are exercise routines using your own body, so you will not need any kind of tool to keep you in shape.

* Explanatory videos: in the case of not understanding any of the exercises that are described in the application, it has more than 120 videos of experts where they explain step by step how to carry out each one of the exercises, in this way not you will make mistakes.

* Free: this application is available in electronic stores totally free, however there is an option called "Plan PRO" that unlocks other specific functions for a very low price.

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