QR Code Reader

It is an Android system code reader where you can get information of any bar code along with its evolution which are QR codes, in this case if it is the one previously mentioned and contains a URL we will redirect directly to the site.

To be use of this great tool it is necessary to have at our disposal an intelligent device with a good integrated camera since it is essential for the scanning process which will allow to observe the information about the product and will allow us to obtain all the necessary data reflected on the terminal screen.

Download QR Code Reader


*Easy and Simple: it is a very simple application to use, it is only to translate the code with the help of your camera on the screen of the platform so that the recognition of codes is carried out and obtain all the necessary information of the product.

*Data Processor: thanks to its configuration it recognizes UPC, EAN and ISBN codes among many others, no matter if you are in the dark its flash light function allows you to scan it and connect with any Wifi point without having to enter a password with only use of the QR code.

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