With just a touch on the screen of your device turns your photographs into real works of art thanks to the wide variety of modern art filters that has this exceptional application.

The various filters are the result of unique combinations of neural networks and artificial intelligence that analyze the photo to paint it using styles of famous painters or make use of photographic effects that will give it that air of sophistication and authenticity that it needed so much.

Millions of users are already the real artists of their lives with Prisma, transforming those simple captures into a true experience with their wonderful tools, without forgetting their speed and even being able to share with the rest of your friends.

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*Filters: as already mentioned above, filters are the result of neural networks and artificial intelligence that analyze the photo, this means that not only does it place a layer on top of the image, but it recreates it from scratch, working it through different layers, such a way that gives freshness to it.

*Diversity of filters and styles: already has more than 33 filters among which are "printing", "mosaic" and "Gothic", as well as filters linked with recognized works of art and styles that will recreate an unworthy image to forget.

*Share: that's right, not only allows you to experiment with your creative side but also you can show your masterpiece to the world, with the help of your social networks to show all your friends those special moments that are already part of your story.

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