Pokemon Duel

Pokémon is an incredible universe that everyone at some time in our lives have enjoyed. Now with a new version off the small screen we present this strategy video game which you can get on your favorite mobile devices.

Since we were very young we have grown up with this great caricature and the many games that have been created about it. This time, we can enjoy a game that has a board in which you must place your characters in order to defeat your enemy.

Download Pokemon Duel


*Characters: Your team will consist of 6 characters which you can select before starting each game. With these characters you can move across the board to reach enemy territory to attack them.

*Cards: In this game each player has a deck of cards, there will be your Pokémon with their different special abilities that you can use. In addition, you will see a lucky wheel that will determine your battle.

*Tournaments: Pokémon Duel allows you to play in different tournaments and game events. The more you play, the more you advance and you will be able to improve in terms of the fusion system as well as obtaining new characters. You can play in tournaments as you can choose the single player option.

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