In electronic stores there are thousands of applications to edit photographs, but the truth is that very few actually achieve a professional finish. One of those few is called Pixlr, an editor that has positioned itself as one of the best.

Pixlr is a practically intelligent editor, because the tools it offers are not only super professional, but they make it easier for users to work. If improving your instagram feed is what you are looking for, read on and discover all that Pixlr has for you.

Download Pixlr


* Filters: one of the distinctive features of Pixlr are its original filters, as they are totally different from those you have seen in any other application.

* Frames: the application has beautiful frames that decorate your photos very creatively.

* Collages: in Pixlr you can unite all your images in one. From 2 to 8 images that you can order the way you want.

* Autocorrector: this is an option that has this wonderful application of photo editing, which saves the options or tools most frequented by the user, in order to apply the same editing options to other photographs automatically, always that the user needs it.

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