Pick me up

This is a game of agility where you must pick up your passengers and take them to their destination overcoming the traffic on the street, where you should do it as fast as possible so that your passengers arrive happy and happy to their assigned destination and not waste time in the traffic.

 Puck me up is a game of agility and skill where you must go for shorter routes and more dangerous routes so that your passenger reaches the destination that if, without hitting any other vehicle that is around you, as your collision you lose and the level will restart, and nobody likes to lose all the progress it has.

Download Pick me up


* controls: The truth is that it has too easy controls where you will only use a single finger to drive.

 * Graphics: It has minimalist graphics that make this game unique because today's games and trends are to be as close as possible to reality. 

 * Levels: This game has a lot of levels where as you go by they will get harder and harder and you will have to take your passengers before time runs out.

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