Software encryption is the process that allows people to make money transfers between mobile devices or computers, and that is precisely what PayPal is all about. It is an account totally free and available to everyone.

This application is a financial service that allows online transactions, whether transfers, payments, auctions, donations or any type of financial operation that the user needs.

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*Simplicity: one of the things that most attracts users in how easy and fast it is to create accounts in Paypal, since by just entering a checking account and credit card and pressing Sign Up Now you will automatically be registered.

*User options: in this application you can create accounts depending on the needs of each user, since there are three options: premier, personal or business. These vary according to the use for which they are intended, so the user must know or be sure of the type of transactions that will take place in order to make the best choice.

*Transfers instantly: one of the positive aspects of this application is that regardless of the place where the owners of both accounts are, the transfers are made immediately, unlike other banking entities that take up to 3 business days in make money.

*Currency exchange: this option is really useful for all people who need to make transactions in a currency other than their own. In this way, with just paying a commission you can make transfers in the equivalent in both currencies.

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