Otter Voice Notes

One of the advances in communication thanks to technology was the creation of voice notes, which are really important in many cases. Otter Voice Notes is a very useful tool that will surprise you with all the benefits it has for you.

With Otter Voice Notes you can stop wasting time writing your classes or interviews because with this application you can transcribe everything you need allowing you to concentrate only on listening and not on making notes in a work conference or in the place that is find

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*Automatic: By using this application you can record your conversations, readings, interviews, classes or whatever you need and automatically while you record you will also be writing the words; so that when you finish what you are listening to you will get all the written text.

*Savings: Thanks to Otter Voice Notes you can save writing time by avoiding hours spent at the computer writing your essays or documents. With this application you can get the texts you want short or long and only pronouncing the words out loud.

*Ideal: Otter Voice Notes is an ideal application that you can have as an assistant because through this you can get the notes of your classes or meetings. It is also a great help for deaf people because if they do not have the possibility to communicate by sign language they will be able to obtain a text of what is being said.

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