Need for Speed: No Limits

One of the dominant categories of games for smartphones that always appear are those of car racing, a very didactic alternative if it is a matter of entertaining for a while since at all times you should be on the lookout and apply strategies to achieve victory.

In Need fr Speed: No Limits we will see a new mobile version of this renowned series of racing games, without being a console version brought to an application. With new history, plot, environments and above all new brand new cars.

Without losing the essence of Need for Speed, has different types of races and what fans like best: a workshop where you can improve both the performance and the appearance of it. In addition to the large car dealer that brings a variety.

Download Need for Speed: No Limits


*Great weight, great content: although the executable file of the game can vary depending on the operating system, it does not weigh more than 15 Mb but when starting the application you must download a content attached to the game that weighs almost 600 Mb.

*Easy to use: The controls in this game are superb, at the beginning the initial configuration brings what the spin on both sides of the car we simply tilt the device sideways with an automatic acceleration. If we move the finger of the right hand upwards the propeller is activated, to skid only move the right finger towards one side or the other in the company of the respective inclination of the phone in the direction of the skid.

*Guided from the beginning: before starting the game as such, a small tutorial appears where it teaches you all the controls.

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