My study life

My Study Life is the application that has definitely been the answers of the prayers of many students asking for better organization and more effectively. This tool organizes all events, tests and important tasks so you can get maximum results.

However, it is referred to as a service, thanks to the fact that it gathers everything necessary for a student's organization in one place, leaving behind the immense notebooks that are a great hindrance and the constant frustration when studying.

It allows us to manage from the tasks that we have pending until the exams of each subject in a detailed and meticulous way, because the reality is that this apparently simple work can end up becoming something much more complex with the passage of time if it is not solved. way and at the right time.

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*Interface: It has an interface worth admiring based on light green and white tones, the style of the letter which gives a nod of sophistication with the thinness of it. Creating the sensation of a unique and unparalleled product worthy of this digital age unlike other software that radiate heavy aspects in sight.

*Detailed Information: It receives dates, time, typology of the event, of the task or examination with totally specific information, including own content of the topic to be treated and the subject to which they correspond.

*Multiplatform: This is the most attractive part of this product, thanks to the fact that we can access the service from the main platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Google Chrome, Windows 8, among others. What facilitates the procedure at the time when the user makes use of various digital media without any restriction.

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