Messenger Kids

Like every parent it is important to know what your children see on the Internet; especially in social networks because in addition to having a lot of content not suitable for minors can also be obtained with dangerous people from which children should be protected.

For this and many other reasons, Facebook launched a messaging platform designed in a version for children, in which parents have total control over it. Messenger Kids is instant messaging designed for children six years old or younger with the goal that young children can talk with their family and friends in a safe environment.

Download Messenger Kids


* Control: Messenger Kids does not need the child to have a Facebook account but everything is controlled through the profile of their parents. So the first step is for the adult to activate the account; Children can only talk to people in the contact list that the adult controls.

* Friendship requests: Only the parents' contacts will be able to see the profile of the child's Messenger and therefore they could send you a friendship request, either for their part or for the linked accounts of their children. The parents are those who accept or not the requests.

* Content: Messenger Kids contains software that detects content that may be inappropriate, therefore does not allow it to be shared in the application. Another advantage is that in Messenger Kids there are no ads.

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