March of Empires: War of Lords

This time we are going to talk about a strategy game published by Gameloft, which many have called attention to several of its similarities with other great classics of the genre. We are talking about March of Empires, a strategy title based on the old school call but with several online elements that make it very playable and fun.

If you played gems like that legendary universal Europe then you will quickly adapt to the mechanics of the game, it also gives you a slight touch of favorite game but it is only for basic things such as fighting troops. Within this game we have a mixture of strategy in real time.

So run your empire in the best way to be the greatest of them all and compete with your opponents in the multiplayer of this great game.

Download March of Empires: War of Lords


*Chooses who to be at the beginning: at the start it is possible to choose between 1 of 3 kingdom leaders: a king, a Tsar (who would be like a monarch of the Slavic territories) and a Sultan (s) as the ruler of some lands of Arabia and Islamic countries).

*Very different characters: although many may think that the change between the main characters is only aesthetic, the truth is that it is not so because each of them gives you different bonuses when in full play. For example, the king increases the construction speed of each structure by 15%, the Tsar makes you receive more quickly the improvements you are investigating for your army and the Sultan provides 15% in the attack power of your cavalry.

*Game mode: once the game has started, the computer will help you to see the basic tasks you must follow to properly form your empire and how to train your troops. As in other games of this style, at the beginning it consists of giving many improvements to everything that gives you more resources since resources are everything when forming your axis.

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