Do you want your brain to reach its maximum potential? Then this application is perfect for you! Remember that it is not only good to have a healthy body but also a healthy mind, ready for all the challenges of everyday life.

Lumosity is an application that is responsible for brain training, this is the most reliable software and recommended by experts in this field, as well as a series of games and tests that will exercise the different areas of the same to which to estimate the activity neuronal.

It is based on a broad scientific basis as the current knowledge of neuroscience. It includes the most recent advances on neurological functioning to optimize the results of its games and tests as well as training the main brain orbits such as: Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility and Problem Solving.

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*Personalize your training plan: For each of these brain fields you have specific exercises that will allow you to exercise each of these virtues, in turn, in each of them you work on four different aspects allowing the modification of the plan of daily training.

*Watch your progress: In addition to exercising, Lumosity will help you to measure your progress and you can compare your results in the same games, in the same way it gives you an integrated and weighted measure of your progress according to the calculations that the system itself makes of your daily results.

*A game with many games !: The objective of this application is the multifaceted and functional aspect where the brain adapts to different scenarios with the help of several games that are constantly being updated for the enjoyment of the user.

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