King of Avalon

Be part of a war that accelerates your pulse, conquer your enemies, and face the challenges in this fun and entertaining game called KING OF AVALON. Recreated under the light of the story of King Arthur. Let yourself be enveloped by magic and become the best King.

So, build your own strategies and plan your attacks to achieve the objectives. Build your own empire, train soldiers, create solid alliances and destroy your enemies in this incredible title of Diandian Interactive Holding. Do not miss the opportunity to command an army of dragons in the best Targaryen style

Download King of Avalon


* You have it at your fingertips: It is a free download game. You can download King of Avalon on any of your devices or tablets. In addition, it is available for iOS and Android users.

* You will become a strategist: it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a magical world where you can develop your skill as a planner of actions through attack strategies and techniques to overcome obstacles.

* Magic and adventure: Much interesting part of this game lies in the way you build your empire, it will define your way of playing. In addition, the element of the dragons and their relationship with the development of your empire is quite interesting.

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