Hungry Shark Evolution

The original thing that is an application can be the hook for thousands of users, the more unique the better the reception. So the existing mobile game applications about car racing or shooter style are considered very commercial and despite having a good argument, its success is based on a popular category.

It is not common to see a game that animal relations and much less aquatic, it is here when Hungry Shark Evolution comes into action. A mobile game in which you personify a hungry shark whose life depends on how much he can eat in a period of time.

Create chaos on the beaches and bottom of the ocean, without forgiving so many human lives as maritime species with your hungry shark. Also get special adventures and enjoy the good sea bottom landscape that this application offers.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution


*Many sharks: at first you start with a small shark, but as you use it, it grows. Increasing level to acquire more skills at sea. After taking the shark to the highest level, you will have the opportunity to buy the next level for a small fee. The prices of sharks are progressively unblocked and are more expensive.

*Giant map: the map of this game is very large, it has many areas to explore and in all you can find different surprises. But it is not only the marine area, it also explores along the shores of the beach, surface and even the sky with the great jumps caused by the propellers located on the surface of the water.

*Shopping and more purchases: at all times you will be buying coins and these are used to buy sharks or accessories in the store. In addition, there are also green diamonds that make it easy to buy objects from other levels or acquire them quickly; These diamonds are obtained at random in the sea (very sparingly) or in the integrated purchases of the application.

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