Hill Climb Racing

Usually when we know that a game application involves vehicles it refers to races, being oriented what is competition between cars. But this is not always the case since a race could be defined beyond competing against other cars in real time.

2D games also have a strong impact on app stores and in this case Hill Climb Racing. Although we can deduce that they are races in hills, it is the type of game where you must keep the balance when tilting or declining the car matching the acceleration and braking of it.

Available for multiple platforms, does not consume too many resources at the time of execution and is entertaining for different ages.

Download Hill Climb Racing


*Simple start: in the main screen of the game we see the vehicle that we recently used and gives us to select from our car garage to start the race. We see an option to get coins and refers to the integrated purchases of the application. It tells us how many coins we have and fast sound options where we can deactivate the music and effects.

*Select your level: in the second of the application it allows us to choose the level that we want to play. Either because we have unlocked one or because we want to make a better time in one previously played. With options also to return to the vehicle screen or the next one.

*Improve your car: on the third screen and the last before starting the race we have a small garage where we can improve several features of the car we have such as: gear, suspension, tires and traction. The level of these can be increased based on the amount of coins you have; the last option left is "Start" and with it you start the race.

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