One of the best ways to spend our free time is downloading fun apps, a good example of which are games. However, there are many categories from which you can choose. In this opportunity we present you a puzzle style game.

Hexio is a fun and relaxing game that will test your skills without generating any kind of stress. It is the best choice when you have a free time, and what better way to do that than exercising your mind through the different challenges that this fun and great game has for you.

Download Hexio


* Resolution of problems: when we look for a game to entertain us, generally the most popular are those that challenge the minds of the players and Hexio is not the exception. With this game you will develop or strengthen your ability to solve problems, putting logic into practice.

* Levels: this game is so addictive that its creators had to develop more than 90 levels, which are increasing their difficulty so that players become experts with the passing of days.

* Interface: one of the aspects that makes Hexio very special, and is that despite being a game of challenges, has a really nice interface to the eye. In it, players can enjoy a background music that will make them relax.

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