Google Home

If you have a Chromecast device in your house you will need this application to be able to control all its functions. Using Google Home you will control all Google speakers, Chromecast devices and all Google devices with the integrated "OK Google" voice assistant.

A Chromecast device is the accessory with which you can change your TV to a smart TV. With the help of this device you can see all kinds of TV channels, videos and even use Internet functions. You do all this by synchronizing your mobile device or PC with the TV.

Download Google Home


* Share: Google Home allows you to share files from your smartphone, PC or tablet to your TV. You can configure and use the Chromecast or any other device that has the OK Google assistant.

* Remote Control: This application can also work as a synchronizer between your devices. So you can pause or play the music you have playing on the tablet from your smartphone. Google Home is like a remote control between all your devices.

* Compatibility: Google Home is a quite versatile application since it is compatible with your Android devices, Windows PC and iOS. So you can take advantage of the use of your Chromecast from your favorite mobile device.

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