FullDive VR

Currently, technological advances do not allow to determine a limit in these, and virtual reality is not the exception because in this one is not able to glimpse limits, as it is presented (FDVR) the so-called virtual reality of complete immersion, which is nothing else what science fiction, literally.

The full immersive virtual reality feeds exposes you to a virtual experience beyond the wrap-around headphones but instead turns the user into one with the machine through the use of a brain computer interface. Dare to download Full Dive VR on Google Play in the App Store for free and experience virtual reality from your mobile device. It is also a light application at the time of download.

Download FullDive VR


* The complete immersion: it presents the interaction of two theoretically attainable levels: mobile and immobile.

* Does not require a lot of space: it is a light application when describing it

* You can access our gallery of photos and more: such as videos and photographs in 360, 3D content, we can surf the web; Also watch videos on youtube with this type of 360 format in the highest quality.

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