If you are a passionate photographer and would like to share your work, you need a wall to upload it and of course enough followers to make your shots become famous and see the path of other people who follow the same passion as you, capture Photographs.

 Flickr is a social network where you can upload posts of your work and the shots you have taken, just as you can see the work of other people, as well as being an excellent photo editor and you can make any retouching of your best photographs.

Download Flickr


* Interface: It has a simple, easy and elegant interface, where you will find your publications, your albums, the groups to which you belong and of course your profile where all your personal information will be.

 * Editor: in this editor you will have the possibility to add filters, change the purchase and brightness of the photo, raise and lower the saturation, light, clarity, matrix, sharpness. 

 * Account security: the app has advanced security na, in which you must enter an email and provide a secure password, so that your account is fully protected under your person and do not suffer from hacking or identity theft of other people towards you. 

 * Search engine: In the search engine of the App you can find content such as people, photos and groups of photographers in which you can join.

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