Many applications turn out to be much more than fun and entertainment; some are really useful is many aspects. This is exactly the case of Fintonic, an application that works with a financial manager.

It is enough to spend your money unduly, to arrive at the end of the month and not know what you did with the rent money or just do not remember what you invested or spent. Fintonic will become your new right hand, making finances easy and even fun.

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*Simplicity: as finances turn out to be a bit complicated for many, Fintonic is responsible for making them as simple and interactive as possible, showing the analysis of our bank accounts through colorful graphics.

*Security: one of the main concerns of users was that if the application had real access to our money and the answer is no. Fintonic is a read-only application, that is, although we must enter the data of our bank accounts in order for the app to perform the analysis, it does not have access to our money, but to the reading of it.

*Reports and recommendations: the application is responsible from the first moment to collect all the necessary data that allow you to make an in-depth analysis of our bank accounts, thus, throw us a detailed report on our investments, payments and expenses. In addition, it provides recommendations that we can follow in order to have a better management of our assets.

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