No matter how organized we are and any good memories we have, we always miss something, however minimal. Forgetting some task, appointment, obligation, among other activities that might not be so important but having made a space in the agenda of our mental memory means that if it had priority.

Using physical agendas and pen or paper pen obligations is a thing of the past and because many people have a smartphone at hand then it is more convenient to save those notes on our device. And although some teams have tools for this purpose, it does not always meet our expectations.

That is why with Evernote we can store all the content we want in the form of notes on our device, giving us multiple options to organize and remember our activities; making sure we do not miss anything of what was previously planned.

Download Evernote


*Work collaboratively: manage all your personal or work projects with the function of notebooks and shared notes only available in the Premium version of the application.

*Clean your files: with the function of scanning sheets or sticky notes you can avoid electronic notes, available on mobile devices. When you scan something, it is automatically saved in the folder of your choice.

*Not only text: Evernote notes also have the ability to add photos or audio recordings so you do not forget any detail of the moment you capture in that note.

*Access where you want: with your Evernote account you can access on any device and in any case your notes will be loaded without leaving any details.

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