Currently there are many puzzle games that have become a popular proposal in different application stores. The objective of these games is to challenge the ability of its users to solve them with strategies.

Energy is a perfect game to hook us since it has hundreds of levels in which you must complete a series of circuits. Test your creativity by using circuits with wires, light bulbs and even light rays.

Download Energy


*Graphics: Energy has beautiful graphics that go hand in hand with a delicate soundtrack that relaxes, catches and surprises us. The developers have explained that this game has a lot to do with art, design, imagination and even metaphysics.

*Mechanism of the game: The objective of the game is to give light to all the bulbs, for that you will have to strategically move the cables that have a source of energy. These can not vary the position they have unlike cables.

*Levels: It has a number of almost infinite levels so the fun is never going to end. As you get through the levels you will get different types of connectors, some that will emit light and act as repeaters. By joining the entire circuit you can see the figures that were hidden.

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