When we need some information, we go to the internet, if we need to do a job for school or work, we turn to the internet and the internet always sends us to the famous Google, which is the largest company as a search engine worldwide, being one of the best known and used in all devices that use Google technology.

 Ecosia is a simple search engine but with a non-profit background in which 80% of the income of this company will go to the plantation of trees in the areas of afforestation, places like Peru, Madagascar and Brazil. Where the goal is to plant around more than a billion trees by 2020.

Download Ecosia


* Use: It's simple and simple you just have to place Escosia as a default search engine and you're ready, you'll be supporting the tree planting.

 * Bing: This is another search engine that also supports Escosia and therefore they work together for the fastest way in obtaining the data to be provided for the search. 

 * Storage: You do not need some specific requirements to support with the tree planting, you only need to have at least 40mb free and available on your device so you can download it.

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