Dragon Mania Legends

Turn-based battle games are very popular, from the classics that involve cards like the current ones where you can watch your creature attack or defend. Taking into account that it is difficult to find a group of creatures or monsters that please the public like those of Pokemon, taking a classic image has not been bad.

In Dragon Mania Legends we can see an immense amount of dragons and each with different abilities, this very old fantasy animal is present in this game but not in a way as realistic as in fable books or movies. Taking on a more adorable look with dragons that pretend to be babies, unleash the most epic battles with your attack and defense group to advance level with most dragons.

Download Dragon Mania Legends


*Play by levels: in the wide map of the game you go upwards facing enemies, the difficulty increases as you progress and it is your duty to explore the entire map to even perform the extra combats that are on the sides of the dragon road.

*Surprises Missions: sometimes warnings will appear when you start the game saying that in an area an activity has been developed and you need your participation in battle, for example that a mine has been invaded by Vikings and you have to fight to make them leave . These types of fights represent an extra in your gain and then improve your player.

*Prepare for the battle: before starting the battle, you can select the dragons you want to take to the field, you can choose three of these and similarly you will see the dragons of your opponent. Get the victory to win the 3 stars and the level bonuses.

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