Deadbeef Player

There are millions of people who are fond of music and the musical albums of their favorite artists and singers, so they need a reliable platform to listen to such music and not spend money on expensive Premium accounts that will bring you the same features of a free one.

 Deadbeef player is an excellent music player in which you will only use the tracks that are stored on your device, so as not to spend mobile data on downloading heavy music and make use of those that you already have downloaded on your mobile device.

Download Deadbeef Player


* Equalizer: It has an equalizer which is responsible for customizing the songs to your liking, that is, how it is heard and you can save leave your default options saved . 

 * Variety of Playlist: this great app will allow you to have an extensive and personalized playlist, since you can create folders with the different genres of music that you have on your devices, in addition to placing the order in which you want them to play. 

 * Different Types of Formats: On the other hand you can play with the different types of formats offered by this music player such as mp3, OGG, ACC, MP4, APE, FLAC, WV, wav, tta among many others.

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