Cut The Rope 2

It is very easy to download a game with good references, usually do not disappoint and have good comments. But not all are capable of entertaining both adults and children. The theme of Cut The Rope is so colorful and interactive with drawings of characters and environments that are very striking for the children of the house.

Having more than 3 years in the market, this application available for different platforms comes as a sequel to its predecessor, the first version of the game, bringing more adventures and different ways of playing and developing within the application.

More than a thousand downloads and weigh approximately between 40 and 50 MB, this varies in game functions of the app store. Coming from a prominent developer, ZEPTOLAB, makes the application very reliable.

Download Cut The Rope 2


*Direct start: when opening the application, after a loading screen we get the main menu with three options: purchases, adjustments, video to receive bonuses and a play button that takes us into what is the progress of the game.

*Shopping: In the shopping menu we have candy coins, clues, energy increases and personalization. The customization has to do with hats, candy, fingerprints and other items to customize your pet, in the section of power increases we have powers such as pumps and teleportation.

*Hand in hand with the achievements: it has a menu where achievements are unlocked that in the long run help to level up and then compare with the players of the gaming community of your operating system.

*Quick settings: the settings options we have the language, disable or activate the effects and music of the application, the progress of your account, information about the application and compare with friends of the social network to which you have connected the game.

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