Brothers in Arms 3

Whenever we hear about a war game, it is striking to see how its playability is, because beyond a good story or just death games, for these categories its gameplay and the quality of kittens it has much more weight.

One of the best ranked war games with respect to the realism that runs, obtained an impressive graphical improvement compared to its prequel. Not all game applications give us the opportunity to play offline and in this highlights Brothers in Arms 3, is clearly online and requires sufficient internet connection to even enter the application.

So join this endless war against other players worldwide, join war groups and participate in the different games that this online multiplayer can offer you.

Download Brothers in Arms 3


*Initial screen: when we start the application we see the start of our account, giving us options to choose between Achievements, VIP, Store and Play. In the upper part of the screen it gives us information such as the name and level of our profile, amount of money we have, experience, among others.

*Options: in the options it gives us the opportunity to adjust the controls, the sound; connect with your operating system games account, help, privacy policy, terms of use and about the application.

*Brother: in the brother tab we can see that as we progress, they give us a brother as a sniper. This happens as you progress and you can improve your skills; You can have several of them while they are still alive because sometimes they must in some cases die in some episode.

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