Bitmoji is an application with which you can create an avatar; It's like your own personalized emoji similar to you, you can do it according to your characteristics and tastes.

With this fun application you can create caricatures and a very expressive avatar, it gives you the option to choose between a list of stickers in which you are the protagonist.

The best part of these Bitmoji is that you not only use it within this application but you can place them in any message, whether it's text, a chat or some status update.

Download Bitmoji


*Create: Through this application you can create an emoji or also called avatar from scratch, this according to the tastes, style and personality of its creator.

*Design: To design a Bitmoji you start from the basics like hair, eyes, nose, shape of the face, skin color, mouth, ears to the way of dressing according to the look that you want to place and that looks better to you; without counting the accessories that you can also use.

*Templates: After finishing the Bitmoji creation, a huge amount of templates will appear and you can choose among them depending on the expression you want to send.

*Other applications: Bitmoji can be used in other applications, it is very popular to send these through messages as well as Facebook chat but the most important update is that its use in snapchat is allowed.

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