Auto Chess

This game is not the typical game of chess that we see everywhere, On the other hand the creators wanted to give a particularity and complete transformation to this, of course without taking it off that it was a strategy game and you have to think enough to meet the goal that is victory.

 The game only allows the participation of 8 players who will be assigned 8 different chess boards, before each game the players must choose more than 50 pieces from a public group of which they will place around the board, taking into account that the pieces belong to different races with unique abilities that will not have other pieces.

Download Auto Chess


* Gameplay: It has a very good gameplay because users confirm that the controls are very intuitive and easy to use and get used to be able to beat their opponents.

 * Arming Strategies: It should be noted that breaks the scheme of being a chess game which we must think before acting and of course, do it before moving the pieces to ensure victory and that our opponent falls into our game. 

 * Ranks: Like any game, there is a table of positions in which it provides information about the players ie how many games have won and lost, in this is Queen as the highest rank, Pawn the basic range and the others that go down of minor importance. 

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