App Lock

One of the most precious objects we have is our mobile devices, because that's where we keep practically all our information, photos, videos, important files and even our contacts.

Hence, the importance of having an application that guarantees security and safeguarding all your content, so that only you have access to it, that is precisely App Lock.

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* Blocking applications: App Lock allows you to restrict access to any application you have on your phone, that is, your device may be unlocked (by your own system) but still need some pattern or key to access the applications .

* Types of passwords: the application offers many options for configuring passwords, among which the popular PIN or pattern.

* Finge sensor fingerprints: one of the most ingenious features of App Lock is that it can simulate the existence of a fingerprint sensor, in this way the person who tries to enter a certain application will think that it can not enter in any way. However, this option only works when the device does not have a real sensor.

* Simulation of Error: the application can also fake an error to enter the apps or even a forced closure.

* Blockage of multimedia content: without a doubt, blocking the gallery of photos and videos is what we mainly want, therefore, App Lock allows you to do so, in addition to giving you the option of creating private folders to keep your photos organized.

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