Linking cell phones with computers often turns out to be complicated, which represents a potential problem for all those who need to handle certain information stored on their devices, directly from their machines.

Hence the reason for being AirDroid, an application that allows users to manage all the content of their mobile devices from the comfort of their computers, without the need to touch a single key of their cell phones.

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* Any computer: it is important to note that this useful application has no limitations in terms of connection, because regardless of whether your computer is Windows, Mac or the web, AirDroid finds a way to link successfully.

* Notifications: notifications will not be a problem for AirDroid either, as message notifications or any other interaction will reach your computer just as they would on your mobile device.

* Share files: thanks to this application you can not only see everything that happens on your cell phone from the screen of your computer, but also share or send any type of information or files with your contacts, followers, friends or other users in general.

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