Adobe Capture CC

Adobe capture CC is an application designed specifically for designers, it is a tool for professional use, which can be connected with other editing platforms to create a unique high resolution design.

Through a photograph Adobe capture CC offers you multiple and varied options which you can use for your designs from recognition of textures, and surfaces as well as color and brightness. With the advantage that you can create your own range of colors based on the photograph you took.

Download Adobe Capture CC


*Practical: Adobe capture CC allows you to edit an image from your smartphone without sacrificing design quality. It also has an online storage platform through an Adobe Creative cloud cloud that allows you to access it from anywhere.

*Dynamic: This application is very useful for designers since it has the option to link it to different editing programs to get a unique and high resolution design, which is a smarter system to do a job.

*Innovative: Create brushes, of your preference to use in your future designs, only with the photograph of an object, or surface you can achieve the texture and create brushes that trace not only colors lines and shapes but also can capture textures.

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