8 Ball Hero

For lovers of Snooker games, which are all games related to two players who will compete against each other in a rectangular pool table with 6 holes to which the respective balls must fall in the game mode that is being competed.

 8 Ball Hero, is a great billiards game in which you can compete against people from all over the world and play in different parts of it, such as London, the angels, Chicago, London and other places, these competitors do not have a level of standard difficulty since one may play slow and doubtful or maybe another plays fast and with aim.

Download 8 Ball Hero


* Graphics: It has some graphics of a billiard table as realistic as possible to make the user feel like he is playing for real . 

 * Sound: This game has built-in the shock of the balls as it would be if you were in front of the table as hit Ball or pot The Ball, etc. 

 * Challenges: Of course, if we compete against different people from all over the world we will have many challenges to meet, in addition to the challenges found in the initial menu. 

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